RG Legacy StoniesThese enormous reef-building beauties have all been growing in the Long Island Aquarium’s 20,000 gallon reef for over a decade.  Some colonies are over 20 years old!  Several colonies have diameters ranging from 2 to 6 feet across.  RG Legacy Stonies include classics like frags from Joe’s massive Turbinaria colony as well as secretive colonies tucked away from the front viewing window like the Orchid Stylo, which is 2-feet in diameter on Joe’s “back reef.”  Take home a piece of history with these hardy time-tested gems.
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RG Legacy SoftiesIconic giant soft coral from Joe’s 20,000 gallon tank have been around for as long as some hobbyists are old. Some truly unique and special corals in this collection. Most are on the easy side to care for and will reward the reef aquarist with years of robust growth.  Joe’s photosynthetic gorgonians are in this category and their colonies form the backdrop for this tank’s look and feel.  Their fluffy swaying branches often are the aquarium visitors’ favorite feature in the more

RG GemsBehind the scenes, RG cultivates thousands of gallons of rare and beautiful farmed coral. These gems have been nurtured and grown out for years resulting in our carefully chosen selection of hidden treasures.  Our RG gems are typically not on display in the 20,000 gallon tank due to their delicious flavors–according to some of Joe’s large angelfish. Although these beauties have been tucked away from public view, we now are happy to offer these carefully farmed favorites to the aquarium community. read more

RG Captive-Bred SwimmersBred and raised by fish breeding expert Todd Gardner and the Long Island Aquarium staff, these fish are at the top of their game.  We offer the highest quality and brightest colored clownfish as well as healthy captive bred sharks which are reproduced in the aquarium’s enormous display tanks.  Some of these invertebrates and sharks are available nowhere else in the world as captive bred animals. read more

Frag PacksWe now offer retailers a quick, easy way to load up on premium ReefGen aquacultured more