RG Gems

RG Zoas, Palys, and SoftiesReefGen is proud to offer a diverse lineup of Zoanthids and Palythoa polyps, from old standbys like Eagle Eyes to our premium Ultra Shining Armors. For those that prefer their corals a little more flexible we also feature a diverse assortment of unusual soft corals not readily found in other places.read more

RG Frag LabNoted coral magician Justin Credebel bends polyps to his will in bizarre and unique ways. You haven’t and won’t see corals fused, grafted, and sculpted like this anywhere else.read more

RG Large Polyp StoniesFor those who demand a little more meat on their corals. In here you’ll find Justin’s signature Gonioporas and Favias, the Acan Lords that put us on the map, and other aquacultured treasures for the LPS crowd.read more

RG Small Polyp StoniesMontis, Acros, Cyphastreas, if it’s more fuzzy stick than fleshy polyp you’ll find it in here. Our diverse assortment of SPS is sure to feature a gorgeous piece for your tank.read more